Saturday, October 8, 2011

Work At Home Scams

Not All Work At Home Programs Are A Scam
By Brenda Petty

Yes you have to be careful of scams but there are a lot of people that work from home and are successful doing it so there are legitimate work at home programs.  You should check whether the company you want to work with is a scam or not and you can do that by visiting  the sites listed below. Search by using the company name.

 Know that the company is legitimate by comparing the amount of good reviews versus bad reviews to see if the good reviews outweigh the bad. Don't be too concerned about a few bad reviews.  Some disgruntled people file a complaint about a company for any reason and not necessarily the fault of the company so determine if any negative statements  are trivial or of substantial significance.

Don't believe everything you read or hear about work at home programs.  Just like buying a house, a car or any other decisions in life, research is the key.  Find out for yourself.  If the cost of joining a work at home program is minimal or free, your identity is not at risk  and your life will not be in danger, then what harm  would it do to at least give it a try?   You don't really know till you try and then try again. So you say that you have tried to work at home and it didn't work out. Most people that are successful have tried several work at home programs and failed until they found the right one that works for them.  Getting over the feelings of failure isn't easy but you stay defeated and will never have a chance at victory if you don't get back up, dust yourself off and try it again

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