Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Build a Relationship With Your Leads

 By Brenda Petty

Too often, network marketers pitch their business right off the bat without knowing what the customer wants and needs causing the customer to say "no" right off the bat.  Customers want a relationship before buying.  Customers want to do business with people that care about their wants and needs and actually take the time to find out what those wants and needs are.  They want to know that they can trust you and your company.  Customers can make and break reputations everyday, depending on how you treat them.

How do you find out what their needs are?  Ask them.  For example, you can ask them what challenges are they facing or what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.  You can ask them about their goals – where they are and where they want to be – personally and professionally.

Once you have determined their needs, provide them with free valuable relevant information to help them reach their goals and overcome challenges.   Your approach is non threatening and it proves that you are honestly trying to help them.  As a result, they become your customer for life! 

Free information that you provide can be about how to generate free leads, how to sponsor more affiliates, or free tools to build their business.  The internet is a great source for finding free information to provide to your customers.

How many people can you help today?  Reach out to as many people as you can.  You can connect with people using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and your blog. Using a systematic way of personalizing and customizing your marketing techniques for each individual will help you have a steady flow of customers by connecting with them, until they are ready to buy.

Set out to impact the lives of others and you will create a legacy that will live well beyond yourself.

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