Monday, December 27, 2010

How To Draw Traffic To Your Website or Blog

How to Draw Traffic To Your Website Or Blog
By Joe Hunley

With the many Websites and Blogs being added everyday, the need to increase your ranking in search engines, and Draw Traffic to Your Site or Blog is becoming more and more difficult. The greater number of Websites give viewers a larger selection to choose from. As a Website or Blog owner you are probably using several different tools to Promote your Site, some perhaps Free, while others cost. One method, overlooked by many, has become a primary part of My Personal promoting Campaign, Article Writing !
The reason for this is that Writing Articles has proven to be a Free and Effective method of delivering Traffic to my Site, day after day. There have been numerous Articles that receive thousands of viewers a year! How does this help you? Your Article has a Author Bio, this is where you enter Info about YOU, including your Website!!!

Difficulty: Easy

Instructions. Things You'll Need:
Blog or Website
The Desire to Succeed

Your Traffic will not only increase by people following your Link to your Site, but also when another Site or Blog uses your Article. To use your Article--They must leave it in Tact--meaning your link to your Site is now available on their Site also--In your Article! Not only is this a great way to increase your Traffic, it also improves your Link Popularity. How---When you Publish your Article--You have a Link back to your Site, When someone uses your Article---Bingo--A link back to your Site. After publishing your Articles, you can check for Links easily--go to a search engine and enter---Link:Your list will show-Up.

Find a subject that interest you, and you feel will interest other people---One way to determine the popularity of a subject is to do a Keyword Search. Any search engine will do that--this shows you what people are looking for.

If you are already familiar with your subject---Start Writing---if not---do the research on your subject until you can write an informative Article.

Give your viewer a "TON" of information (Useable Info). I believe 400 to 700 words is usually enough, but feel free to do whatever it takes to get the point across. Do Not--drag it on--The object is to keep the readers interest, and gain his trust that you know what you are talking about--Bringing the reader to your BIO!!

Publish It! There are countless Article Submission Sites. There are authors that believe One Good Article, On One or Two Sites is enough. My logic is --if you have written a great article, that draws a lot of Readers--It will draw even more on several submission sites. Software is available to submit your Articles to numerous Sites and decrease the amount of time you spend submitting. You can purchase Software, or find a free download. Whichever way you go--the object is to Get Your Article viewed.

So--If you are looking for a "No Cost" or "Low Cost" Effective tool to use in the Promotion of Your Site or Blog----Write some Articles--There's a little "Author" in all of us.

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